Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Britons vote themselves world's worst tourists

The reputation of 'Brits abroad' has never been one to be proud of, but a new survey has revealed that the British really are the worst type of tourist.
The Brits cleaned up in nearly every category including 'not attempting to learn any local language', 'being drunk and disorderly' and 'not trying the local food and drink'. Our lack of generosity when it comes to..
tipping was also noted in the survey by flights comparison site Skyscanner.
But far from being a foreign attack on Brits, we voted ourselves as the worst tourists, with the UK poll receiving over 1000 votes.
The only area where we were beaten was when it came to 'being rude'; it was perhaps our well-known British reserve that spared us here as the gold medal in this category went to the Russians, with the Germans and Americans in second and third place. 

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