Monday, 9 May 2011

The first Greek cruise missile is a reality and ready for action!

For three years in collaboration with the Greek Air Force, a group of people and Greek companies set the standards, designed subsystems and proceeded to develop a stand-off cruise missile which strikes on its performance and specifications and appears much higher than the corresponding Turkish Pakistani missile to equip the Turkish Air Force.
The development program of highly secret Greek long surge of HSC-1 (Hellenic Stand-off Cruise-1) "MAKEDON" presented for the first time since the strategy magazine was released in the issue.

With engines and avoiding the relief monitoring system of Greek development. Developed and calibrated that can be built in their entirety by Greek companies, the missile has everything that made the sustainable business and operational proposal: High performance, high lethality and low cost.
It is the most impressive high-tech program that can give Hellenic Air Force large numbers of stand-off missiles at a time as we see the war in Libya is not sufficient merely just to hold such missiles, but large numbers are required to achieve Objectives: In the first days of  Libya conflict were launched stand-off missiles from sea and land what overall the Greek Air Force has!

An initial analysis of potential targets in the "other side of the Aegean" shows that we need at least three times the number of guided stand-off weapons than we have today in order to minimize the opponent to have the opportunity, and availability to continue offensive operations. 

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