Sunday, 10 July 2011

Seoul’s Sungkyunkwan University develops voice charging mobile phone battery

FLAT phone batteries could be a thing of the past, with a way to charge cell phones by using only your voice.
Korean engineers developed a new technique for turning sound into electricity - technology that could one day allow cell phones to be charged while users chatter, The (London) Sunday Telegraph reported.
Dr. Sang-Woo Kim, who developed the technology at Seoul's Sungkyunkwan University, said everyday sounds had been overlooked as a source of energy. "This motivated us to realise power generation by..
turning sound energy from speech, music or noise into electrical power," he said.
The research team has so far developed a prototype - using tiny zinc oxide strands - to convert sound that was the equivalent of noisy traffic into 50 millivolts of electricity, the newspaper said.
Although it was not enough to charge a cell phone fully, the research team hoped to perfect the material to produce more electricity from lower sounds.

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