Sunday, 25 September 2011

Freddie Mercury Has Been Reborn! (video)

Freddie Mercury has been reborn in Marc Martel. Mercury, the legendary rocker of Queen, died in 1991 and, in commemoration of his 40th death anniversary, drummer Roger Taylor is organizing a special event. Dubbed ‘Queen Extrvaganza’, the event will see selected singers taking stages across North America to pay tribute to the band.
Dozens of Queen and Freddie Mercury fans have submitted videos for the contest, with Marc Martel one of them. This early, though, fans are already proclaiming Martel as the likely winner although voting does not start until November 14. 
Marc Martel’s audition video for the Queen Extravaganza has gone viral. As of this writing, Martel’s Freddie Mercury impression has received 1,6 million  views on YouTube.
See The Video! 

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