Friday, 13 January 2012

Touch Screen Car Windows Of The Future (video)

Cars are one area that is seeing huge innovation in terms of technology and innovation and it’s not just by adding gadgets to the interior of the car either. Toyota Belgium have just released a concept video that shows what they are thinking the future of car windows might look like in the years to come and how some of the windows will be turned in to giant touchscreens that passengers can use as a practical resource to find out more information about the journey as well as entertaining themselves. It seems to be a blended technology that uses some sort of..

augmented reality layer on the world to share information about distances and items that pass in the real world. This is demonstrated in the passenger seat and a child is drawing so it could mean the end of children trying to get their parent’s attention from the back of the car as they instead entertain themselves. We already have touchscreen computers like the iPad and although this is only a concept video you can imagine that this could become a reality pretty soon. There will be lots of safety concerns and also the threat of people breaking the windows and the costs associated with this sort of technology but it’s something that I would love to see in the real world sooner rather than later… 

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