Friday, 10 February 2012

A Bluff, Coincidences Or A Real Threat?

Israel is just months from striking Iran, not excluding the possibility of the U.S. being drawn into the conflict.
Based on recent events, threats, spreading fear and pushing the agenda to attack Iran it is maybe not so farfetched to connect the dots with historical events (invasions) which happened years ago by multi-state coalition.
If we go back in time we see the invasion of Iraq begun on March 19 2003, then came strike on Serbia which begun on March 24 1999 and then came invasion of Libya which started on March 19 2011.
Therefor it should not come as a surprise that the attack on Iran would begin sometime between 19-24 March 2012.
And why Mars is also significant to illuminati elite? As some of you might know, the month March symbolizes the planet Mars a.k.a (Roman god of war). So, could it be we are again being prepared for another BIG one?
I really hope I am mistaken and that these cases are just based on random coincidences.

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