Sunday, 12 December 2010

Croatia to Land on the Moon in 2012

Croatia is expected to make its mark on the Moon by the end of 2012 when Astronomical Society Vidulini from Istria plans to launch its space exploration vehicle - rover "Histrohod."
The robotic vehicle is the brainchild of Zeljko Mogorosa who has been working on its prototype for the past two years. "Histrohod" is expected to land at the same spot where Apollo 17 – the latest manned mission to the Moon – landed in 1972.
Through a group of mobile devices, "Histrohod" will send televised segments down to Earth.
"This is a big challenge for our society and we are extremely proud that our association and our small Istria will become a part of space exploration," said the Society’s president Marino Rumpic.

The cost of building "Histrohod" is estimated at 20,000 Euros and is expected to be covered by various donors from around the world.

The Astronomical Society Vidulini started the first Croatian space program (Astronautika) and forms part of the international team Synergy Moon which is participating in the "Google Lunar X Prize" contest.

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