Saturday, 7 April 2012

Read the whole note left by Greek retired pharmacist who committed suicide,and what main street media doesn't want you to know...

A 77-year-old Greek man,a retired pharmacist shot himself in the head in central Athens under a cypress tree in Syntagma Square on Wednesday, about hundred metres (yards) from the Greek parliament,with a handgun in apparent financial desperation.
The incident occurred around 9 am (local time), just outside a metro station, when the square was filled with people and commuters.
Greek media identify the man as Dimitris Christoulas.

A suicide note has been been found on the old man, saying:..

"The occupation Tsolakoglou*-government deprived me from any chance of survival. My survival was supported on a decent pension for which I only contributed (without any support from the state) for 35 years.

As I am in an age that does not allow for individual active resistance (without excluding the fact that if one Greek was found to take the Kalashnikov, the second would be me), I do not find any other solution than to give a decent end to my life before starting to search in the garbage to find food.

I believe that, some day, the young people without future will take the arms and will hang upside down the national trators in the Syntagma Square as the Italians did in 1945 to Mussolini (Milan's Piazza Poreto)"

*Georgios Tsolakoglou headed the Greek collaborationist government during the German occupation of Greece in the Second World War.

 The original note 

                                   I kneel only to put power and stand up!

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