Friday, 4 May 2012

U.S. Military Making Plans for Alien Invasion (video)

“What if aliens were to make contact—do we have an E.T. contingency plan?
Sort of. The U.S. government is not particularly interested in alien planning.”
-Slate, If Mars Attacks, Do we have an alien-contact contingency plan?

A bizarre scenario played out in Australia Easter morning: while children hunted for Easter eggs and the faithful attended church Australia’s Channel Nine Today Show aired a segment on the “U.S. military making plans for an alien invasion”; the Today Show set decorated for Easter-fake bunny ears on the Today logo, giant colored eggs in the background-video posted below.

Channel Nine anchor: “Now an alien invasion, could it really happen? The U.S. military is making plans just in case.”

Is the U.S. military making plans for an alien invasion? 

Like Slate, we thought the U.S. military doesn’t plan for an alien invasion. The answer depends on the answers given by the guest on the Today Show segment: Professor Paul Springer from the U.S. Air Command and Staff College–the USAF Air University–who had to get special government clearance to appear on the show..

The mission of the USAF Air University:
“Prepare Field-Grade Officers to develop, employ, and command air, space and cyberspace power in joint, multinational and inter-agency operations.”
Anchor: “What are plans for contact with extraterrestrials? Will they come in peace, or war? And what can humanity do in the face of alien invasion?”

Cut to the montage of alien invasion movie footage..

Anchor: “Yes, it is best to be prepared for anything and Professor Paul Spring from the U.S. Air Command and Staff College would advise the military in the event of an invasion. He had to get special government clearance to talk to us and I spoke to him earlier.”

Anchor: “What do you think would be the alien plan? What would they do first?”
Springer: “That really depends on why they are here in the first place. If they are here for the extraction of a specific resource, for example, they might just want to eliminate any resistance that might block them from their objective. If, on the other hand, their goal was actual occupation and conquest, then they would probably have to prioritize anything they perceive as a threat to their own dominance. So, they would probably start by wiping out as many communications networks as possible and eliminating as many weapons that might represent some form of threat either to them, or to the resources they are trying to extract. So they might very well want to counter every nuclear weapon, not because it represented a threat to them, but because it might destroy whatever they’re here to collect.”

Also mentioned during the interview, would world governments ‘unite’ against an alien threat.

Anchor: “Wouldn’t it be a strange situation if humanity had to band together, fighting alongside Russia, or I guess, the Taliban?”

Springer: “It would, but keep in mind that many of the greatest civilizations in human history have been formed, basically, to counter a common enemy. When you look at the great world powers of the globe today, you find a lot of them formed because of the fear of a common enemy.”

If we were conspiracy theorists we’d theorize the interview more than hinted at a New World Order formed by a common enemy, an alien invasion. We’d take it a step further and wonder if the segment was related to a ‘False Flag alien invasion’?

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