Friday, 4 November 2011

Greek goverment replaces top national defence generals amid political crisis

The Greek government announced the replacement of all four generals heading the national defence forces amid a political crisis triggered earlier by a suprise call for a vote of confidence this week and a referendum in early 2012 regarding the fresh EU bailout loans to the debt-wrecked country.
The change of guard in armed forces was met with strong reactions by opposition parties, as the Greek socialist Prime Minister George Papandreou is under great pressure to call early general elections.
Ahead of the crucial vote in parliament in the early hours of Saturday amid an unfolding "revolt" within the ranks of the ruling party with several deputies calling for a national unity administration, Papandreou chaired an extraordinary meeting of the Government Council of Foreign Affairs and Defence.
Defence Minister Panos Beglitis announced the..

changes to the National Defence General Staff, the army, navy and air force general staffs.
The second major surprise move made by the premier within 24 hours fulled the fierce reactions of opposition parties. Main opposition conservative New Democracy party warned that it will not recognize "such an undemocratic step that undermines national interests," while left-wing parties talked of an "unacceptable move in a critical period."

Αποστράτευσαν και τους τέσσερις αρχηγούς των ΕΔ! 

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