Sunday, 6 November 2011

Largest Sunspot in Years Turning Towards Earth

This is Enormous...

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) satellite has spotted what astronomers say is one of the largest sunspots to have appeared on the Sun in years. This sunspot will be turning toward Earth in the next 24 hours. We will have to watch very carefully and see if it affects the Earth in any way.
AR1339 is one of the largest sunspots in years, and it looks spectacular though backyard solar telescopes. Eric Roel took this picture from..

his private observatory in Valle de Bravo, México:
Each of the primary dark cores is about the size of Earth, and the entire group sprawls more than 100,000 km from end to end. The sunspot is so big, it's starting to attact the attention of people looking into the sunset.

Βig eruptions are possible before the weekend is over. AR1339 has a delta-class magnetic field that harbors energy for X-class flares. The sunspot is turning toward Earth, so the odds of a geoeffective flare are increasing.

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