Friday, 2 March 2012

Pills To Make Your Sweat Smell Good..

If you’ve ever eaten massive amounts of garlic the night before going on a run, you know that what you eat eventually turns into what you sweat. Which is the theory behind a new pill in development that would turn your own sweat into perfume. This sounds completely frightening to me, given that even the perfume you don’t ingest is full of chemicals that can disrupt your hormones and give you cancer, among other things. But the Dutch artist who’s working on the “Swallowable Parfum” thinks otherwise.
Lucy McRae, the 31-year-old artist from the Netherlands, is developing her idea in tandem with Sheref Mansy, a synthetic researcher. She says she’s hoping to push the boundaries of how we think about cosmetics:
My main aim is to..

provoke and make people think in a completely different way about how make-up can be [used] in the future.
But George Preti, a scientist at the Monell Center which specializes in taste and smell, isn’t confident in their success:
How much of what they do that will make it through the digestive process and [into] the blood remains to be seen. A lot of things will get taken apart in the acid in the stomach.
The pill is still in development, so it’s unclear what will actually be used to alter your body’s smells and chemistry, but I think I’ll stick to eating a clean diet for neutral sweat and using non-toxic perfumes when I really want to smell amazing. 

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