Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Spy Camera Hidden in Traffic Wardens' ID Badges

'It looks like a standard identity badge, giving the traffic warden’s number and confirming that he is an officer of the local council.
But a closer examination of the card pinned to the warden’s jacket reveals something far more sinister – it contains a tiny lens and is actually a camera for filming motorists. It is so unobtrusive that many motorists would not even know they were being filmed.'
Read more: Vital Protection or Sinister Addition to Our Surveillance Society? The Spy Camera Hidden in Traffic Wardens' ID Badges


  1. It is great news.Road accidents result in many deaths every year and security officials can not inspect every person.Such security cameras will be great to identify the reasons behind such incidents.These will also highlight policemen behavior with common people.spy camera have modernized modern security systems.

  2. I always bitch about how cars all look the same anymore. Never realized how much they did in the 40s as well....
    Jeff Johnson Traffic Academy.