Sunday, 31 October 2010

The highest resolution screen ever on a phone

31 October 2010

An important feature which distinguishes iphone 4G from ordinary phones is its crisp display screen. It has about 640 x 960 pixels resolution and the new introduced Retina Display ensures that the mobile phone carries a highest resolution. The new iPhone 4G appears tremendous in terms of the way in which the screen is configured and ensures a crystal clear text and sharp and vibrant image view.
The technology that is used in Apple iPhone 4 white is called the IPS. This excellent feature ensures a better resolution and so forth maintains superb clarity. Click the picture however you want, the images captured are sure to be perfect. The gadget is devised to capture excellent images by positioning the phone in anyway. Even when you transfer these images or videos from your phone to any other compatible device, it is not mandatory that the phone has to be static the expected quality will definitely be achieved. Now take videos even when you are running, jumping or doing any other activity. The result will be picture perfect.

The display screen is water resistant and durable and no dirt sticks to the body. It is also devoid of abrasion. This also has a light sensor which regulates the clarity of the screen in such a way it feels comfortable for the eyes. While you place the iphone near our ears the display automatically switches off with the aid of the sensor which conserves power.

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