Sunday, 5 December 2010

Jürgen Damsch: I Was in The Mysterious WikiLeaks Bunker! (Photos)

The heart of Wikileaks is protected by a 50 cm thick steel door. I stand in the entrance tunnel of a bunker in the middle of Stockholm. Drilled into the rock in the '60s, the bunker was originally intended to protect residents from the capital of atomic bombs.John Carlung, 42, is the Lord of the cavity, Board of "station", the Internet company that has leased the servers purchased in 2006 and the bunkers and rebuilt. Carlung According to the designers of high-tech cave by James Bond films have been inspired.
The expensive servers are located in caves above them hovers a glass conference room. Up here I feel like in the setting of "Dr. No ". Two diesel generators from German submarines after a power outage, all computers within one second again with energy. Every angle is covered by cameras.

In some of the cabinets would have to hide at least part of the around 250 000 secret documents. In August, Wikileaks has rented two servers here since October, there were repeated attacks by hackers, why Wikileaks is avoided at the server from Amazon in the USA.
Amazon on Thursday banned the whistleblower of his computers. Since then, the secret documents, apparently stored in the station's bunker in Stockholm. Carlungs spokeswoman: "Since Thursday we have traffic on the two servers. Judging from the amount used, it could be that the revealed documents are with us again. "Wikileaks has probably hired in other countries Server.

Have you ever afraid to get because Wikileaks anger, Mr. Carlung? "No, we do not do anything illegal, but only rent space," he says, "we do not control the content."

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