Saturday, 8 January 2011

Apple Not Quite on Time in 2011

by Propaganda

Things are not starting in a celebrating mood for Apple this year as more and more people have complained that the Apple iPhone’s clock alarm had failed to do its’ job and wake people up on a fresh new year working Monday. The problems with Apple’s iPhone alarm started a few days ago when the company received some complaints that the alarm is not working properly and has failed to go off according to people’s scheduling. Apple reassured complainers that the problem will be solved until Monday morning but it seems that for some unlucky iPhone users the alarm did not go off this time either so many of them were late for work and started complaining on the internet’s social network.  Apparently the iPhone alarm did not register, nor distinguished the savings made by people during daylight in 2010.

However Apple is not very worried about these minor problems and complaints as they generally do not affect their sales and they are not a novelty to the company. Problems resembling this one were also encountered in the past when for example, a wave of complaints from consumers accused iPhone 4 of bad or no reception. Although the problem was made publicly known, Apple’s sales did not decrease. Rumors has is that Apple may have the same problem with the important data of its’ iPhones and iPads.
The funny thing about this alarm problem is that it only occurred to non-recurring alarms on both iPhones and iPads. People’s daily and repeating alarms went off just fine and according to Apple there will be no more such problems in the future.

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