Thursday, 3 February 2011

Antimatter Discovered in Earth's Storms by NASA Fermi Space Telescope

NASA’s scientists observed antimatter structures formed above thunderstorms on Earth, a phenomenon which was not seen before. Scientists believe the antimatter explosions are formed due to a short burst of energy inside the storms such as the lightning. It is thought that about 500 such antimatter beams are generated daily in terrestrial gamma-ray flash but most of them remain unobserved. The antimatter beams were detected by Fermi Gamma-Ray Telescope which is used to monitor gamma rays, the highest energy light form. If antimatter hitting Fermi Telescope collides with a matter particle, both particles quickly annihilate each other releasing gamma beams. So far Fermi has recorded gamma radiation with energies of 511,000 eV, a signal showing that an electron has collided with its antimatter counterpart, a positron. Fermi GRT’s discovery was a great one regarding the fact that people invested billions in facilities for production of antimatter.(see the Video)

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