Sunday, 6 February 2011

Mystery Solved!

Do you think that men are unable to look at a woman only in the eyes and staring in the chest or bum? 
Do you think women prefer to look in the man's eyes only,leaving at second place glances over his sensitive points?
If so, then it's time to learn the scientific truth:
The harsh reality is that women
have much “bigger eyes" than men! Just the second are noticed!  
This is not because men are curious, uncouth or rude! The reason that a man finds it difficult to "lift" the eyes of the woman's chest is pure science! Responsible for all, is vision! 
How women manage to separate the "fine" pair of pumps, among thousands of shoes?

Women have a peripheral vision that extends at least 45 degrees to either side, left-right, up and down. This gives them the ability to "sweep" a visual space without even having to move her eyes or head.
Because of that ability, women,can go into a shop filled with clothing or shoes,and by two supposedly indifferent glances to identify 5 specific pieces they like.

Instead the sight of men, has a linear shape and look straight ahead, imagine a tunnel that pierces through the target! That's why a man
is too slow to identify a specific tie in a closet full of clothes, or a jar of mustard in the refrigerator...

Having explained how vision works in both sexes let's see if it's faire to blame always men.

That is because the woman thank's to t
heir peripheral vision, can “control” man's body from head to toes and to focus on his genitals, while her eyes showing "stuck" in his eyes!

Unlike the wronged man, because of
his linear vision can't look in two places at once. So he is forced to look up and down from the eyes to the chest and giving the impression that he can't control his admiration!  

So next time when yours man's eyes will be pinned on the chest of stunning woman, show understanding... it's not his fault, poor peripheral vision is responsible for everything!

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