Saturday, 5 February 2011

Romania Has The Fastest Internet in Europe

Romania has the fastest internet in Europe, according to a major quarterly report.
Akamai Technologies, a cloud optimisation provider, reported that Constanta had the fastest speeds of any city in Europe.
It ranked in position 48 out of 100. However, the rankings were dominated by Asian cities, which made up three-quarters of the list.
Some 61 cities in Japan, and 13 cities in South Korea and Hong Kong featured, though Masan fell to third place.
It was beaten by rival South Korean cities including Taejon and Taegu.
Global connection speeds also increased over the period of the survey, both quarter-over-quarter and year-on-year.
The average connection speed is nearly 2Mbps, with Taiwan seeing speeds grow by nearly 24 per cent over this time.
Its national average connection speed is 5Mbps. However, this is far outstripped by connection speeds from South Korea, Hong Kong, Romania and Japan.
These four countries achieve speeds of over 30Mbps.

Though South Korea has the best internet speed, broadband penetration continued to increase over the third quarter.
It saw an 11 per cent increase in uptake, while seven of the top ten countries saw double digit percentage increases over the course of the year.
China experienced the most significant growth – the number of IP addresses registered with the site increased by 30 per cent.
The Advertising Standards Authority this week announced that it would be opening up its consultation on advertised speeds to the public.
Its investigation follows work by the telecoms regulator Ofcom on the discrepancy between advertised speeds and actual speeds, which can often only be half that of the former.

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