Thursday, 18 August 2011

Anonymous hackers team about to help Greece

"Attention politicians, media, police and banksters of Greece. This is a message to all of you from Anonymous Operation Greece Moneyback and Operation Want.
We have been watching you deploy state police, in uniform and in undercover clothes, posing as anarchists to provoke violence with the peaceful protestors.
We have been watching as your police thugs attacked protesters with tear gas, sprayed the people with poisonous chemicals, thrown rocks and used batons to bash the heads of Greek citizens.
Congratulations, you have earned the undivided attention of Anonymous. You are now a target in the global information and cyber war on your corrupt capitalist banking system. Anonymous is Everyone."
See the video

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  1. ποτε θα μας βοηθησουν αφου εμεις δεν μπορουμε να βοηθησουμε τους εαυτους μας