Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Survey finds that Greeks are second EU’s happiest !

A survey has been carried out asking more than 15,000 Europeans aged 14 and over whether they are satisfied with their personal life opportunities and, despite the financial crisis, 68% of Europeans said that they feel happy. According to the research, the happiest nation is Denmark, with 96% of respondents expressing that they are optimistic about their future. Surprisingly, 80% of Greeks answered similarly, but in Germany, perhaps due to the economy, only 61% said that they were satisfied with their personal situation. Among the 13 countries in which citizens were questioned, Russia was the most pessimistic, with only 37% responding positively.

There were similar trends that emerged across the regions – in general, women are..

happier than men, people living in the country are happier than city dwellers, couples are happier than singles, and those who have lower incomes tend to be more depressive.

Professor Ulrich Reinhardt, the scientific head of Foundation of Future Studies, the organisation that carried out the research, said it was positive sign that youth seemed to be generally more optimistic than their elders. The foundation has created a webpage,, where visitors can share their opinions, to be published in a book. 

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