Sunday, 7 August 2011

iPhone Can Now Determine Ripeness Of Watermelons...

There isn't much better than a sweet, juicy, perfectly ripe watermelon. However, all watermelons aren't created equal...but don't worry because now iPhone's  iWatermelon Deluxe app is simple … use your iPhone to determine the ripeness of a watermelo.  In three easy steps, you’ll be like Superman using his X-ray vision … peering deep in the bowels of the watermelon. Just place your iPhone on top of the desired watermelon.
Tap the melon three times. iWatermelon Deluxe will then analyze the resulting sound using a unique custom made formula for determining whether the watermelon is unripe, fair or nectar of the gods.
At 99 cents, iWatermelon Deluxe  iTunes  provides solid value, a lifetime of sweetness and perhaps even romance. Since they say the grocery store is a great place to hook up with other singles … using your iPhone in the fruit aisle just might be the ultimate turn on for geek-like minds...
See The Video How!

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