Thursday, 4 August 2011

UFO found on the bottom of the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland?

Swedish researchers have found a giant circle on the bottom of the Baltic Sea when searching for shipwrecks with bottles of champagne
On the early morning of June 19 three of the nine crew members of the exploration team saw something strange appear on their screen.
Between Sweden and Finland, the team found..

at 90 meters depth a large shape with a diameter of 60 ft. Peter Lindberg, the initiator of the expeditions:  “In this field you are confronted with many strange things, but in all those 18 years that I do I’ve never seen anything like it and it is completely round in shape.”
Lindberg added that the scars on the earth surrounding it could show where the supposed  craft landed and skidded along.
Anyhow, Lindberg says his team do not have the money or resources to examine the shape further.
The movie is original and comes from
The Ocean Explorer team Sweden.

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