Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Can you stop watching this video?

The man who touched the breasts of 1,000 women before shaking Putin’s hand!
A man thought to support Vladimir Putin’s next year’s election campaign in a very interesting way. He touched 1,000 women breasts and then shook hand with the Russian Prime Minister.
Sam Nickel explained the unusual approach – he wanted to transmit the sensations experienced during the experiment to Vladimir Putin. He says that although it was nice to touch so many women, his quest wasn’t easy. Most women have rejected the proposal, only 20% of those approached agreeing to be touched and to be caught on camera.
Other women questioned him to understand the strange experiment. In addition, the young man had to walk eight hours a day in search of candidates.
Finally, after surpassing all these “difficulties”, he posted a video on the Internet illustrating his success.

See the video!

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