Friday, 21 October 2011

Seven Lies We Learned in School ...

We all grow up with legends, like it seems. The British Times,''expose'' seven glaring misconceptions we carry from our childhood...

1) The Vikings wore helmets with horns

The reality, however, is very different. According to the Jorvik Centre, the tradition of the Vikings wanted to be buried along with the helmets and horns, which were used as cups. When discovered the tombs of the Victorian era, was thougt that the horns were helmet accessory.

 2) Mice like cheese..

If you ask any child will answer with certainty, that the favorite delicacy of mice is the cheese. In fact, mice enjoy foods that are rich in sugars as well as peanut butter and cereal. It is preferable, therefore,to put on mouse trap cakes despite cheese. 

3) Napoleon was short

When we hear Napoleon, all bring to mind an irritable, short man, so the question of inferiority complex be named "Napoleon complex". Short men have turned him into an idol, but in reality was not as short as we think. According to historical data, the French general had a height of 1.58, which in his time (18th-19th century) corresponded to the average height of men. 

4) The light bulb invented by Thomas Edison

Edison invented many things-is one of the most famous inventors of all time, but the light bulb is not one of them. In fact, invented the light bulb almost simultaneously with the Briton Joseph Swan, who owns the authorship of the invention. 

5) The man comes from monkeys

It wasn't exactly the view, that Darwin argued, although this conclusion is dominant today. That,what Darwin said was that many, many years ago, monkeys, chimpanzees and humans had a common ancestor. 

6) Einstein was a bad student

Entire generations grew up believing that the Nobel physicist did not succeed at school, when in fact, Einstein was a good student, especially in mathematics and physics. This view has prevailed, because Einstein graduated whith 4 grade, which later was interpreted as a D, but according the grade scale of his school those times,grade 4 was more than good. So the excuse for poor students with low grades in school, that "Einstein was a" brick " in school, but succeeded after" does not have much power finally ... 

7) Columbus believed that the Earth is flat

This view is unfair for the famous explorer, who may was not able to imagine, how big the Earth is, but definitely not concerned falling off the edge of it!

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