Friday, 6 May 2011

Don't Wash Your Chicken Before You Cook It

Washing Raw Chicken Increases Bacteria. 
The Food Standard Agency (FSA) published some reports, which show that washing the whole chicken before cooking it, raises the prospects of food poisoning.
The report was associated with some statistics that 75% of the consumers, purchasing raw-poultry, wash the whole bird prior cooking them. This step increases the spread of bacteria with 3 feet radius more than the normal. The report added that..

65% of the raw-chickens are contaminated with campylobacter.
Campylobacter is considered as the most common cause of food poisoning, infecting around 300,000 patients with food poisoning every year in the UK alone.

Therefore, the FSA warns consumers from washing the whole raw-chicken before cooking it, because even the heat, during the process of cooking, will not grant the consumers a 100% bacteria-free poultry. FSA advises the consumers to “thoroughly” cook their chicken and not just depend on the tap water or even the mild heat to do the job.
A Spokeswoman of the FSA stressed this idea, saying, “By washing your raw bird, you are actually more likely to spread the germs around the kitchen than get rid of them''.
The FSA also promised further experiments and tests on the bacteria in an attempt to counteract the effect.

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