Wednesday, 11 May 2011

17 € Euro - PC

A British developer has developed a computer the size of a USB key. He wants children to get hold of it to learn the basics of computer programming in school.The proposed $ 100 laptop for children in developing countries (OLPC) has competition. On Thursday, a British video game developer David Braben, has introduced a prototype PC the size of a USB key, dubbed “Raspberry Pi” (Pi raspberry). The cost should range between 10 and 15 pounds (11 to 17 euros).
At this price,..

do not expect to have the latest innovations in computing. The architecture of the device is more of a smartphone as the PC. The small PC is powered by an ARM11 chip clocked at 700 MHz, comparable to the one found in the first iPhone. It includes only 128 MB of SDRAM. Unlike the OLPC laptop, it is primarily to connect a monitor (composite or HDMI port), keyboard, mouse and a modem. A port can also add a memory card and some extensions, such as a camera.
The configuration is nevertheless sufficient to introduce youngsters to the joys of computer programming on the small low-cost PC, judge her inventor. In an interview with the BBC, David Braben is concerned that the discovery of computers in schools is often limited to learning word processing and spreadsheet and that children can not engage in experimentation. But “many other purposes” could be envisaged with this device, especially in developing countries, says the foundation Raspberry Pi on its website.

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